About the company

Established and registered under Bulgarian law in 2013 as the successor of engineering company EMTEKS Ltd. implemented large-scale energy projects, EMTEKS ENGINEERING Ltd. has established itself as a leading engineering company in Bulgaria. The company specifies its activities in two main directions:
Complete engineering for implementation of investment projects in power industry, metallurgy and chemical industry.

Supplies of equipment, spare parts and materials for the needs of leading sectors of Bulgarian economy such as power industry, mining and chemical industry.
The team of EMTEKS ENGINEERING Ltd.consists of experts with extensive practical experience and proven professional qualities in the following fields – engineering, finance, economics, energy efficiency, international project management.

The mission of the engineering company EMTEKS ENGINEERING Ltd. is to provide effective synergism to the human capital, financial resources, materials, machinery and energy, the foundation being the unabated quest for more optimal, more economical, better way of using the resources and energy through integration of the intellectual and material manufacturing activities. The main goal of EMTEKS ENGINEERING Ltd. is to strengthen its leading positions on the engineering market through an optimal combination of high quality and competitive price of the products and services supplied.