Delivery of equipment and full engineering service

Deliveries of equipment for thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, refineries, mining and processing enterprises, etc.

EMTEX ENGINEERING EOOD is committed to the full cycle of deliveries of the relevant equipment and goods, covering the period from the moment of concluding the contract with the contractor to the actual delivery to its warehouse.

Delivery of technological equipment, spare parts and materials for the needs of leading sectors of the Bulgarian economy such as nuclear energy, metallurgy, mining and chemical industry, gas and oil industry, construction and others.

Complete engineering for modernization of steam turbines, as well as reconstructions for the passage of gas or other fuel – in partnership with OOO LENTURBOREMONT, Russia.

Contact us when you need technological equipment. We will do research, select the best for you and deliver it to you.

We work with suppliers from around the world: Russia, USA, Ukraine, Germany, Belgium and other EU countries.


Full engineering service.

  • Complete and phased implementation of projects for modernization and overhaul of energy equipment and equipment for the chemical industry in cooperation with our partners from LLC “ITF Lenturboremont” and CCTI, incl.
  • Inspection and analysis of the operational characteristics and resource of the equipment and systems. Preparation of programs and manuals for implementation;
  • Assistance in defining needs and developing complete solutions;
  • Determining the scope, value and indicators of success of the implementation;
  • Team building and coordination; selection and evaluation of local subcontractors, construction of supply chains;
  • Engineering and resource provision. Development of engineering projects, technical manuals and programs for implementation. Supervision and chief installation during the works;
  • Strict observance of the requirements of the applicable legislation, industry standards and internal regulations;
  • Risk management and quality control

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